Badge Pirates 8266 Dev Board

So you have picked up one of our 8266 Dev Boards, congrats, we have sucked you into our addiction. Now lets get you programming that bad boy


First you need to do is give it power some how. We have provide 2 connectors in the top left to connect power, I suggest putting a LiPo connector/battery on one of those and use the other later.


VCC for this board is 3v so keep that in mind, we may have Battery Add-On Boards in the future as we develop this test platform more.

So you have power now and it runs, very anticlimactic right, well lets program it now.

Using your IDE of Choice (Arduino IDE in this case) Pick your board as Generic 8266 12F. Connect your FTDI to GND, TX, and RX (we may make a FTDI add-on in the future)


Move the program switch from RUN to PROG


Power it on Push your code

Make sure to change it back to run after pushing.

Now make some cool things, using the GPIO pins provided. May I suggest:

  1. Our 6 LED CharliePlex board, CharliePlex will allow you to use many LED for few PINs. (link coming soon)
  2. Maybe some NeoPixel LED (We have an Add-on for these too) (link coming soon)
  3. Play around with WiFi from the Test Code
  4. add any number of other Dev Boards to the GPIO and go to town.

Happy Hacking

Written on February 17, 2019