Learn To Solder Kit - Level 1


Learn to Solder Kit - Level 1

Introducing our Level 1 learn to solder kits. These Kits are the first in a series of Learn to Solder projects we will be fielding to introduce you to and advance your soldering skills. In this level 1 kit you will learn the basics of soldering while using through hole components which when combined will allow you to turn on a LED by pushing its corresponding button. Instructions for assembling the kits are printed on the back of the PCB. Also you will find a diagram of a through hole LED which must be wired correctly for the circuit to work properly.

since the LED's are the last to be solder on (IF you follow the directions) you can manually add them BEFORE soldering to test the circuit is working properly. I suggest trusting our instructions BUT VERIFY by testing the LED before you solder.

- CR2032 Battery - CR2032 Through Hole Battery Holder - Through Hole On / Off Switch - Green LED - Red LED - Blue LED - 3x Push Button Normally off Buttons

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SAO Totem Sword


SOA Totem - Sword is our current SAO Totem for wearing, Displaying and Powering your SAO’s.

Shitty Add-On (SAO) Totem version 1.69bis version 2 .. or 2022/23 version? or Iteration 2?

How about SAO Holder - Sword

New for 22/23 is our newly designed SAO totems. Expanding on our very popular SAO Totems (link) we have designed these with an additional SAO connector (5 total) and designed as an 8bit sword. Just like the older version these will hold your SAOs you collect and power them during the conference and Beyond.


  • CR2032 Battery
  • CR2032 SMD Battery Holder
  • Switch
  • 5 Board Side SAO Connectors (2x3 keyed Header)

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BSidesKC 2022 Badge


The Badge:
We finally had all the planets align, Covid is gone, Supply chain is slowly (very slowly) starting to move in a forward direction, which allowed us to re-visit our BSidesKC 2020 badge design.

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LEDStrip Board / S2 Dev Board

Title Title
.PROJECT TITLE: LED Board/S2 Dev Board
This project was a pet project of mine (fg). The problem I had was that around my house we had several of those really cheap LED strip lights, you know .. the ones that you find at Walmart for a few bucks (or on Ali). The problem with these cheap strips is that they usually only had an IR sensor and a remote where you could change the color or set a pattern. Well, this is the 21st Century and most of the things in my house are things now (IOT), having to manually change the color of some LED’s is out of the question, I am above that. Yeah, I know what you are going to say, Go buy a Hue light strip that works with your hub and you are good, price is only 70$+. Honesly, I am a maker, I am sure I can make it much cheaper and in the process learn some skills that MAY go into future BadgePirate projects.

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Snowflake LTS

Title Title Title

This project was a pet project of myself (fg). I wanted to create a Learn to Solder kit (LTS) that BadgePirates could use as a basic and or advanced kit for use at conferences were we run Learn to Solder villages. I thought it would be cool to have something people could make and then hang around the house, in this case on a christmas tree. Noting that each year familys pull out those orniments that little jimmy make of his hand in plaster or paper pictures with a year froms school. Well why not the LTS kit that Sussie made at her first hacker con that one year. Maybe badge pirates would live long into the future after we are all dead and gone.

The current version here is a Through Hole version that uses 5mm LED’s, a CR2032 battery, with a power switch. Unique with this is that 2 snowflake board can be joined together to make a 3d like snowflake.


  • Keep an eye out for a Suface mount version with SMD LED’s.
  • maybe a version that only turns on in low light?
  • Maybe a version with IOT (why not)

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OzSec 2021 Badge

Title Badge: The OzSec21 Badge was an LED Badge that was designed for the Witchita OzSec Conference on Oct 22nd 2021.
The Badge had the OzSec Logo and tied into the years theme of “Somewhere over the Rainbow table” over the Cityscape of Witchita KS.
The flame on the XXX Statue is back lit by a single reverse mount LED. The Badge also had an SAO Connector with just 3.3v and Gnd traced.
The badge was powered by a single CR2032 3.3v coin cell battery.

Title There were 5 version of the badge:

  • Participant
  • Speaker
  • Sponsor
  • Volunteer
  • Organizer
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BSidesKC 2021 Badge

Title The Badge: This is actually pivot number 3 for the BSides KC 2021 Badge, with supply chain issues we attempted to pivot our original plan to a different BOM but still had issues with availability of parts so we had to come up with a “non-electronic” style badge. What we ended up with was the intention of having a Badge that you could sit on your desk and display SAO’s (shitty Add ons). This gave us the ability to still create something unique that was “electronic-ish” and work with those components that we could with the supply chain woas of the year. The design allowed for up to 12 SAO’s to be fitted on the Badge.

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BSidesKC21 SAO

So you are going to BSidesKC 2021, and want a little insight into the mysterious SAO v1.69bis standard that everyone is talking about?
You have no idea what we are talking about but needed to waste 5 minutes while your coffee finished?

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Bsides Charleston SAO Assembly

So you have acquired one of the Bsides Charleston Lock SAO’s and discovered its just a kit and are wondering now what do you do? Fear not, we have your back. We will assume you have basic soldering skills.

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All about the BSidesKC 2019 Badges

This year, Kevin drew the short straw to give the talk about our badge for Bsides KC 2019. Aptly titled The Hardest Way to Present at a Conference he explains a lot about the development process and why making a conference badge isn’t (in itself) worth free admission! This year, to up the difficulty level and take advantage of the fact that we had more than 2 months we created TWO badges. We wanted something special for our growing number of youth attendees and it really seems to have paid off!

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BSidesKC 2019 SAO

In the Spirit of Add-Ons we have used the format of the DC26 #Badge Life Shitty Add On (SAO) Connector on this years BSidesKC 2019 Badge. This is a modified SAO in that we only provided VCC and GND but we also layed out the design so that if you did not get an electronic badge you can solder on a CR2032 holder and Power the SAO port. below you will find the layout of the ports for the SAO and image of it on the BSides Badge.

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