OzSec 2021 Badge

Title Badge: The OzSec21 Badge was an LED Badge that was designed for the Witchita OzSec Conference on Oct 22nd 2021.
The Badge had the OzSec Logo and tied into the years theme of “Somewhere over the Rainbow table” over the Cityscape of Witchita KS.
The flame on the XXX Statue is back lit by a single reverse mount LED. The Badge also had an SAO Connector with just 3.3v and Gnd traced.
The badge was powered by a single CR2032 3.3v coin cell battery.

Title There were 5 version of the badge:

  • Participant
  • Speaker
  • Sponsor
  • Volunteer
  • Organizer

A Black Participant version was also handed out to the Challenge Winner (see below) Title

The Challenge: Within the Rainbow lines are hints to crypto that was implanted in the Badge. More info can be found at Game Instructions here Spoilers

GitHub Repository Link

Written on April 11, 2022