BadgePirates2022 Badge Instructions

Want to connect to the BadgePirates2022 Badge? The one running the ESP32-S2-ROVER?

Use the following settings if you are setting up in Arduino:

  • Board: “ESP32S2 Native USB”
  • Flash SIze: “4MB (32Mb)”
  • Partition Scheme: Default 4MB with spiffs (1.2MB APP/1.5MB SPIFFS)”
  • Core Debug Level: “None”
  • PSRAM:”Disabled”
  • Port:

If you are setting up in something like PlatformIO or VBCode .. well you are advanced and dont need me. :)

Programming can also be done via the USB port, to enter boot mode:

  • Connect USB
  • Press and Hold BootMode Button (SW1)
  • Press and release SWRest Button

Our base code also has OTA updating:

  • Connect to the SSID 2022_Badge (Default)
  • No Password
  • Navigate to
  • Upload your BIN file
  • It will auto reboot and run (if your code is good)
Written on March 14, 2022