BSidesKC 2022 Badge


The Badge:
We finally had all the planets align, Covid is gone, Supply chain is slowly (very slowly) starting to move in a forward direction, which allowed us to re-visit our BSidesKC 2020 badge design.

The Hardware:

  • ESP32-S2 WROOM
  • 14500 LIPO Battery
  • CH340N USB to Serial Programmer Chip
  • USB Micro Connector
  • LIPO Charger
  • 20 Reverse Gullwing Yellow LED
  • Misc Resisters, Caps and LDO, SPST Switch, Tactile Button x2, Power and Charging LED

Badge Versions:
Did you see all the different versions we had? No? Where here is the break down and pics:

  • Participant - White
  • Speaker - Blue
  • Vendor - Green
  • Volunteer - Red
  • Village - Purple
  • Organizer - Matte Black / Gold


The SAO:
This years Participant SAO was design from the T-Shit Graphic without any electronics on it. We thought it looked awesome the way it was

Additional SAO’s:
Along with the Con SAO’s you may have seen a few special SAO’s which included

  • Solder Village Volunteers
  • Sponsor - Arista-TGS
  • Sponsor - Corelight
  • Sponsor - Red Canary
  • Sponsor - Tines

The Game:
As with most of the Badge Pirates projects, Yes .. there was a game associated with this one too. If you notice this badge was a Safe, so obviously (or maybe not so obvious) you will need to find or guess the combinations. Game Instructions here Spoilers

GitHub Repository Link


Written on September 27, 2022