DefCon 30 Biohacking Village Badge


Biohacking Village DefCon 30 Badge

Introducing our contribution to the Defcon 30 Biohacking Village Badge. In designing this badge we wanted a throwback to our childhoods and designed a badge around the operation game of our youth (yeah we are old), but with a modern twist. In keeping with the throwback (and due to supply chain uncertianty) we tried to design without an MCU. This design also found us venturing into a new design iption with using acrylic sandwiched between boards to allow the “cavities” to hold the “body parts” that you will be picking up with the tweezers and trying not to trip the life hearts. 3 Strikes and you are out here.


  • 1 74HC4017D Counter IC
  • 1 74HC14 Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter
  • 3 reverse mount LED’s
  • CR2450 Battery
  • CR2450 SMD Battery Holder
  • Switch
  • Power LED
  • Various Resisters and Capacitors
  • Tweezers and connection wire
  • “Body Parts” Charms


Written on November 8, 2022