Ghost Battery

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The premise behind this is the create a way to power badges that by default use a CR2032 battery which is a common power source that we use in many of our badges and projects. This board would be able to be able to slide into the CR2032 holder and be powered by a USB cable that could be either plugged into a computer or Wall Wart, both would provide 5v and would need to be stepped down to 3.3v. Ideally we would want this to also have a switch to turn it on and off. No real other feature are needed at this time but hey, we are badge pirates so we may eventually add something special (I have a few ideas in my head).

The board we came up with is shown as Version 1.2. Version 1.0 did not have a thick enough battery contact, so current version added a second board to solder onto the first. (WIP)


  • Board
  • USB connector
  • LDO to go from 5v to 3.3v
  • caps and resisters
  • Switch (on and Off)


Written on May 8, 2022