BSidesKC21 SAO

So you are going to BSidesKC 2021, and want a little insight into the mysterious SAO v1.69bis standard that everyone is talking about?
You have no idea what we are talking about but needed to waste 5 minutes while your coffee finished?

Then read on.

Without giving too much away on what is being planned (and actually at the board house as we speak being produced) The BSides KC 2021 Badge will have at least one (maybe more) SAO v1.69bis connectors.

These connectors are the #BadgeLife equivalent of a standard for producing Rad Add-Ons that may interact with Badges.

First off, yes SAO stands for Sh*tty Add-On, but to pc it up, we often referred to as just SAO or Standard Add-On … you can add any polite S word you like, we will understand.

So in a fully configured SAO connection you would have not only Power and Ground but other pin that would map to a badges I2C pins for interactions. Ours for the BSidesKC21 Badge will only provide Power And Ground for simplicity (and chip shortages, Thanks Covid).

So if you would like to make an SAO to go on the Badge, Feel free using this “Standard”


If you do come up with an SAO, bring it by the hardware hacker village at BSidesKC21 and show it off. Need help Soldering … stop by, we may even have some components for you to finish off your SAO.

Clear as Mud? Give me a holler on Twitter, email or SecKC Discord and I may be able to confuse you more:

twitter @BadgePirates
discord @FG on SecKC Discord

Written on July 28, 2021