Snowflake LTS

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This project was a pet project of myself (fg). I wanted to create a Learn to Solder kit (LTS) that BadgePirates could use as a basic and or advanced kit for use at conferences were we run Learn to Solder villages. I thought it would be cool to have something people could make and then hang around the house, in this case on a christmas tree. Noting that each year familys pull out those orniments that little jimmy make of his hand in plaster or paper pictures with a year froms school. Well why not the LTS kit that Sussie made at her first hacker con that one year. Maybe badge pirates would live long into the future after we are all dead and gone.

The current version here is a Through Hole version that uses 5mm LED’s, a CR2032 battery, with a power switch. Unique with this is that 2 snowflake board can be joined together to make a 3d like snowflake.


  • Keep an eye out for a Suface mount version with SMD LED’s.
  • maybe a version that only turns on in low light?
  • Maybe a version with IOT (why not)


  • 12 Led’S
  • cr2032 battery
  • CR2032 Holder
  • On Off Switch

.INSTRUCTIONS Inventory Components Solder on LED’s Solder on Resisters Solder on Switch Solder on Battery Join 2 Snowflakes together


Written on May 22, 2022