SAO Totem Sword


SOA Totem - Sword is our current SAO Totem for wearing, Displaying and Powering your SAO’s.

Shitty Add-On (SAO) Totem version 1.69bis version 2 .. or 2022/23 version? or Iteration 2?

How about SAO Holder - Sword

New for 22/23 is our newly designed SAO totems. Expanding on our very popular SAO Totems (link) we have designed these with an additional SAO connector (5 total) and designed as an 8bit sword. Just like the older version these will hold your SAOs you collect and power them during the conference and Beyond.


  • CR2032 Battery
  • CR2032 SMD Battery Holder
  • Switch
  • 5 Board Side SAO Connectors (2x3 keyed Header)


Written on October 10, 2022